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Wiman Wireless Solutions - The Leading supplier of M2M devices and solutions.

Wiman was established on 2009 to become a part of Global Wireless Technology and one of the leading companies in tracking system devices offers professional research, design and development of embedded hardware and software focused on exploiting the synergy of telecom solutions company. Our products are designed specifically to provide the customers security and peace of mind by locating and controlling efficiently the physical position of their vehicles/fleet, workers, and any other mobile assets they want to track, as well as other applications such as Logistics, health care, security, GPS systems, unique applications and products that track, monitor, record and control vehicle usage, centralised management systems, as well as our own Manufacturing.

We are constantly working in new applications and new products in the development pipeline and support teams offer you products and solutions that are high in utility, versatile in use and unmatched in quality. We are well known as innovators maintaining a market-leading position by continuing to develop tailored solutions capable of meeting a wide variety of our clients? needs. We have a wide exposure with real-time systems has succeeded in bringing to fore an ecosystem of highly integrated hardware and software solutions to cater your needs with personal safety and security added with simplicity and user friendliness makes wiman a truly global brand and created unique products that help customers grow their business.

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