Ethernet Gateway

Modbus to Ethernet Lite Gateway

Our smart WT610M Modbus to Ethernet Lite Economy Series Gateway, featuring a built-in datalogger, enhances data communication over wired networks with secure two-way communication via Ethernet/LAN. This device simplifies protocol concepts and seamlessly integrates with cloud platforms (TCP/Http/MQTT) for efficient data management, replacing traditional methods and offering versatility for single or multiple slaves.

LAN Lite

Modbus to Ethernet PRO Gateway

The WT600M Ethernet PRO Gateway is a powerful and versatile device designed for modern data communication needs. It supports various protocols like TCP, HTTP, and MQTT with *SSL mode, ability to read TCP Modbus over Ethernet. Additionally, it can use the same port for cloud connectivity.  It bridges the gap between now and the next, ensuring that you’re always a step ahead.

tcp modbus

Modbus Gateway

Wiman MAX Series Gateways play’s smart, on which RTU/TCP Modbus/IO and LoRa Nodes to 4G, LAN and Wi-Fi on Different combinations for event transmission, Primary and Secondary Options to avoid Connectivity issues. Expand your Data communication over wireless networks by Wiman IoT Gateway with Secure and two-way communication. Device Supports Multiple Protocols, which you can Choose..