Modbus Converters

Modbus TCP Converters

Our smart WE62C Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP or Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU Converter will Expand your Modbus Protocol Conversion over Wired networks by Modbus Converters with Secure and two-way communication, without in-depth knowledge of Protocol Concepts. Web Portal based Configuration helps to change the settings like baud rate, Modbus TCP IPs/Serial Settings, can update the Firmware..

Serial to GPRS Gateway

Our smart Serial to GPRS Gateway will expand your Data communication over wireless networks with Secure and two-way communication. Connect your Existing Serial (RS232/RS485) Interface Remotely via GPRS. Act as Transparent Serial GPRS Connectivity to Cloud, All Parameters Remotely Configurable. The Serial to GPRS Gateway supports multiple protocols like TCP / Http with SSL mode (Transparent..