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We’re at the forefront of the IoT revolution, committed to innovation and customer satisfaction. Our reliable and secure solutions are poised to drive the next wave of IoT adoption, revolutionizing industries worldwide. Explore the limitless possibilities with us and experience a smarter, more connected world.

Bridging the Gap Between End Devices and the Cloud !

Product Engineering

Research, Design, Develop Transitioning Proto to Product Manufacturing.


Procure, Manufacture Test, QC, and Distribute, Maintain Client Based Inventory.

Support & Service

Demo, Guide, Troubleshoot, Implement to Live, Components Level Service.

Limitless Applications






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Who We Are

We are creative thinkers and innovators and make the ideas real.

What We Do

We do IoT based Products manufacturing, client specific Product Dev & Manufacturing

Why Choose Us

We are Trusted, Professionals, We do Products in more Generic, Zero Dependency.

We Listen

We listen to your ideas, expectations, discuss, to make super quality Products.

Experienced Team

We constantly striving to adapt new technologies to meet unexpected challenges.


We more care about our clients support, and We love to work new featured products.

With our cutting-edge IoT Products, we are poised to drive the next wave of IoT adoption and revolutionize industries across the globe. Whether you’re in manufacturing, automation, agriculture, or any other sector, we have the technology to elevate your operations and drive efficiency. Explore our range of IoT products and services and experience the future of connectivity, data integration, and intelligent decision-making. Join us in shaping the IoT landscape, one innovation at a time.

Discover the limitless possibilities with Wiman Communication Technologies. Your journey towards a smarter, more connected world begins here.

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