Modbus Gateway

Modbus Gateway

Wiman MAX Series Gateways emerge as a powerful ally. With our smart design, versatile connectivity combinations / options (4G/LAN/WiFi/BLE), secure two-way communication, and support for multiple protocols, these gateways promise to elevate your data communication strategy to new heights. Expand your capabilities and unlock the full potential of wireless networks with our MAX Series.

Modbus to 4G Lite Gateway

Our smart WT410M Modbus to 4G Lite Gateway Economy Series revolutionizes data communication over wireless networks, ensuring secure and two-way connectivity. With seamless fall back to GPRS/2G/3G/4G/LTE networks, this device expands your data collection capabilities from various Modbus Slaves, sensors, and industrial machines. The collected data is efficiently transmitted to centralized..

Modbus SMS Alert Gateway

Our smart Modbus SMS Alert Gateway with Secure and two-way communication and additional SMS Alert Features can Enable EDGE compute to trigger SMS alerts, IOs, and Slave Write Operations. The device can collect data from a variety of Modbus Slaves, Sensors, industrial machines, io data are sent to the centralized server or cloud server. The Modbus to GPRS Gateway supports multiple protocols..