Gateway Solutions

Gateway Solutions

Expand your Data communication over wireless networks by GPRS Gateway with Secure and two-way communication, Without in-depth knowledge of AT command or GPRS. Customize you Gateway for your various Application Platforms like Windmill, AMR, SCADA, Data Loggers, PLCs, Road signs, Weather stations, RTUs, HMIs, POS, ATM, Credit Card verifications, Security and Surveillance Systems, etc.,

Serial to GPRS Gateway

Serial to GPRS Gateway communication link provide a cost economical approach to achieve “always-on” packetized data network. It is a plug and play device, allows you the migration of your traditional serial communication system to the advance GPRS link, without tedious application development and in-depth knowledge of AT command or GPRS. You can view this device as the virtual serial wire over the air that links all your remote equipments to the central PC. It is a fully transparent, protocol-independent gateway, for AMR, SCADA, general remote monitoring, control, and data exchange applications.

RTU to GPRS Gateway

RTU to GPRS Gateway is an intelligent Active GPRS Remote Terminal Unit that is built-in the specific firmware in the WCT805 series. It is designed for communicating with Modbus RTU devices and provides active data transmission via GPRS connection. The built-in redundancy communication paths of GPRS in RTU Gateway, the data would be guaranteed to transfer to host. We also provide M2M RTU center software with a friendly Graphic interface to manage the GPRS RTU products easily. Users can monitor the I/O data and status of GPRS RTU devise by the interface on PC.

GPRS DAQ Gateway

GPRS DAQ Gateway which integrates GPRS Gateway, Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs, Relay Controls, SD Card Interface for Voice Messages, Audio Outputs, etc., Standalone Unit handles the Input / Output Controls, It gives the complete packet of parameters. Control and Monitor the device from Anywhere.