Modbus to 4G PRO Gateway

Modbus to 4G Gateway

The WT400M Modbus 4G PRO Gateway, an advanced version of the 4G Lite model, marks a significant leap in wireless data communication, providing secure and reliable connectivity with seamless fallback to GPRS/2G/3G/4G/LTE networks. This device revolutionizes data collection from various Modbus Slaves, sensors, and industrial machines, fundamentally changing the way data is gathered and transmitted.

Supporting multiple protocols including TCP, HTTP, MQTT with SSL mode, the WT400M Modbus 4G PRO Gateway ensures dependable and encrypted communication. Configuration is simplified through various methods such as PC Utility, SMS, HFS, TCP Remote, or Server IP Commands, granting remote access to all parameters. With Plug and Play functionality, developers and solution integrators can significantly reduce prototype development time, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Furthermore, the WT400M Modbus 4G PRO Gateway can handle up to 64 different poll requests and perform Modbus write operations, enhancing its versatility and utility in industrial settings. Experience a seamless transition from wired to wireless communication with the WT400M Modbus 4G PRO Gateway, a groundbreaking choice for enhancing data communication capabilities and streamlining processes. Elevate your data communication experience with this advanced Modbus to 4G PRO device.

Maximize Efficiency with Advanced 4G WT400M Modbus PRO Datalogger

Our comprehensive range of IoT gateway devices, including the cutting-edge WT400M Modbus datalogger, serves as advanced technology hubs for seamless data collection, aggregation, and transmission from various connected devices. These gateways support multiple communication protocols, ensuring universal compatibility and easy integration with a wide range of IoT devices.

Experience real-time monitoring, control, and data logging capabilities with our advanced version of the 4G Lite WT410M Modbus datalogger. This powerful device empowers users with actionable insights, enabling them to optimize operational efficiency effectively.

Moreover, with the advanced version of the 4G Lite WT400M Modbus datalogger, you can effortlessly track and manage critical data, making informed decisions and improving productivity. Say goodbye to manual data collection and embrace streamlined processes with this innovative solution.

Additionally, our devices feature Edge trigger capabilities, enhancing their functionality and enabling efficient data processing at the source. Embrace the future of IoT data management with Wiman’s cutting-edge technology.”

Modbus Gateway Highlights

  • Intelligent Modbus, IO, Data Logger, GPRS/2G/3G/4G/LTE Connectivity Management
  • 1 x RS-485 port for Modbus, 1 x Utility port for Configuration
  • Configure and Read Multiple Slave IDs, Selectable Register Address data.
  • Parameter Data type, Byte Swapping Conversion and Scaling factor enabled.
  • Transparent Modbus or Device Inbuilt Polling – Formatted to (ASCII/HEX/RawHEX)
  • Smart Inbuilt Data Logger works during Network and Server Disconnection
  • Logger Sends offline data once Network and Server Connected
  • Authorized numbers list for command and Configuring.
  • Configurable TCP/Http/MQTT/Https Mode, GET/POST Methods
  • Configurable CSV/JSON Format for Parameter Packetization
  • Remote Configuration through SMS/GPRS/Server IP Commands
  • Additional 2 x Digital, 2x Analog Chanel (0 to 24V), 1 x 4 to 20mA Chanel and 1xRelay
  • Alerts: Power Failure Restore, Low battery Shutdown, Digital IN Changes, Device Reset.
  • OTA (Over The Air) Firmware upgrade, Device Configuration update.
  • LED indicators to provide GSM, GPRS, Signal, Modbus Tx/Rx COM Status.
  • Configurable Server Connection: Connects on Demand or Always Connected.
  • Keep Alive command to maintain socket connection

Application Segments

  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • Solar Inverter Monitoring and Control
  • Generator Monitoring and Control
  • Energy Monitoring and Control
  • Fault Indicators
  • Temperature Alerts, Indicators
  • Pump Control, Flow Measurements
  • Water Level Monitoring and Control
  • Home Automation
  • Windmill, SCADA, Data Exchange
  • Central Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Base Station, ATM Monitoring and Control